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LeiningerCPA, Ltd. provides a wide-range of audit and risk management services to churches and non-profit organizations, financial institutions, mortgage originators and other financial-related companies.

We have active partner involvement, and proactively anticipate and respond to your needs, while staying abreast of the latest technical issues facing your organization. Please contact us to learn about how we can tailor our services to meet your organization's specific needs.

Our client services are based on the following approach:

Our services are forward-looking, with a goal of helping determine where your accounting and controls systems are currently at, and not to find fault with them. From this foundation, together we brainstorm about where you're heading, and options to help get you there.

Our services are cost-effective, understanding that your organization has limited time and budget. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor each engagement to focus on your highest risks and priorities, while de-emphasizing areas of lesser importance. 

You get the most value for your money. External audit resources and your time and effort are allocated to areas providing the highest value. This approach also allows us to spread the procedures and costs over several years, reducing the impact on any one year.

We also offer helpful tools and act as a year-round resource to your financial team, often at no extra cost.

Churches and Non-Profits

  • We offer traditional audit and financial statement services, including full-scope financial statement audits, and compilation and reviews of financial statements.

    Does your board desire external financial accountability,
    but feel that a “GAAP audit” wouldn't be cost-effective at this time?

  • As an audit alternative, we offer the “Financial Control Checkup,” focusing on key financial controls to help protect your organization and deter fraud.

    The Checkup includes an assessment of controls over such areas as:

    • Handling cash and bank accounts
    • Recording contributions and tracking donor restrictions
    • Writing checks and paying expenses, including payroll
    • Options for recording fixed assets and related debt
    • Board, staff and congregational reporting
    • Information security and confidentiality

Contact us to learn more about the pro’s and con’s of the different audit alternatives. You may also read our Resources article, "Differences Between Agreed-Upon Procedures and a Full-Scope Audit/Review". Together we can design an approach that provides the most value for your organization.

Click the following links for our free church internal control monitoring tools:
LeiningerCPA Financial Control Chart & LeiningerCPA Financial Control Chart Overview

Financial Institutions

  • Traditional audit and accounting services, including financial statement audits, directors' exams, compilation and reviews, and agreed-upon procedures;

  • Developing an organization-wide approach to enterprise risk management, including providing training and tools for assisting senior management and the board's participation in the risk management process;

  • Establishing and co-sourcing internal control and audit programs which feature easy to use software programs;

  • Providing guidance and training to your internal audit and risk management personnel, helping leverage their skill sets throughout the organization;

  • Comprehensive knowledge of state and federal regulatory requirements, and assisting management in answering questions and cost-effectively complying with regulations and report filings;

  • Proactively consulting on a wide range of operational and risk management issues that face your organization.

  • In addition to serving community banks and savings & loans, we have diverse experience in serving the following specialized industries:

    • Mortgage companies, including HUD and commercial originators.
    • Finance companies and sub-prime lenders.
    • Software developers.

Contact us to learn more about how we can design an approach that provides the most value for your organization.

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